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Winds & Skins with Donna, Debora & Pol


Ece (Love Vinyl), Debora (Sounds of the Universe) and Donna (Brilliant Corners) get together for a monthly show of unrestricted cuts and curious finds from all over the world. Listen with open minds, ears and hearts, ready to stir up the Winds and Beat the Skins.

The week Ece, Donna and Debora are joined by Pol Valls.

Listen now Tracklist

Software – Waving Voices [Innovative Communication] // Germany
Baast – Her Deadly Oasis [Ubiquity Recordings] // Unknown
Cartoon Band – Tim Toum [Abla Records] // Unknown
Orient Express – Inch’allah [Volpone Records] // Unknown
Sheila Chandra – All You Want Is More [Indiepop Records] // UK
Basso – Sorry Richard [Joe’s Bakery] // Unknown
Os Mulheres Negras -3 Musicas Coladas [Warner] // Brazil
Lask – Ordnung [ECM] // Germany
Jean Pierre Huser – Chinatown [Lazer] // France
Per Tjernberg – I Walk On Guilded Splinters [Silence Records] // Netherlands
Jean Pierre Decerf – Galactic Mood [CRC Editions] // France
Francesco Messina – Harem [Universal Music Italia] // Italy
Four Tet – Aying [Output Recordings] // UK
Mike Fabulous – Ghost Hands [Lord Echo] // New Zealand
Shara Nelson & The Circuit – Aiming At Your Heart (Part 2) [On-U Sound] // UK
Jiri Stivin – The Alchemist’s Trip [Cosmic Sounds] // Czech Republic
Alan Glenn – Stone Fox Chase [Mute Records] // Germany
Claudette et Ti Pierre – Zanmi Kanmarad [Ibo International] // France
Carlyle Barriteau – Close To Me Heart [Funky Noiz Music] //
Kaan Duzarat – Demdirdem [Forthcoming] // Turkey
Ihsan Al Munzer – Jamileh [Fortuna Records] // Lebanon
Gianni Bella – Io Canto E Tu (Solo Instrumentale) [Seven Seas] // Italy
Placebo – Aria [P-Vine Records] // Belgium
Tarika Blue – Jimi [Chiaroscuro Records] // US
Eddie Hazel – California Dreamin’ [Warner Bros] // US

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