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WW Seoul: Soulscape with 8 BALL TOWN


South Korea’s DJ Soulscape aka Min June Park presents a new wave of music from East Asia and beyond.

Tune in for fresh new tracks from Seoul City including alternative rap track from 김심야 featuring K-Pop goddess CL, jazz-funk trio Cadejo, theme music from Seoul Station, ambient, experimental sounds from Hosoo, Closet Yi, new tunes from 형선 and an improvisational madness from experimental jazz outfit TEHO. He is also joined by the label 8 Ball Town crew for a guest mix.

Listen now Tracklist

김심야 – Looooose Controlla (Feat. CL) [BANA]

CADEJO – BAD SODA [Self-Release]

STUDIO 360 경음악단안개낀 플랫폼 [STUDIO360]

Hosoo – Saltlake [헬리콥터 레코즈]

Closet Yi – Bird Emporium [All My Thoughts]

형선 만남 [Self-Release]

TEHO – New Seoul [Self-Release]


<DJ Yunu – Welcome to The Town Mix>

Wekeyz – Want Me Girl (Feat. KIRIN, Hoody) [8BallTown]

DeVita & Ugly Duck – Sugar (Bronze Remix) [Unreleased]

Jason Lee – WOO [8BallTown]

Hookuo – Cosmic Racer [8BallTown]

Bronze – Mermaid (with zin) [8BallTown]

KIRIN & JAY Park – Tonight (Yunu Edit) [Unreleased]

PUFF DAEHEE – 훔쳐보기 (Puff Daehee Mix) [Unreleased]

KIRIN – Town On Air (feat. Rekstizzy, SFC.JGR & meenoi) [8BallTown]

Jason Lee – SAXY LOVIN (feat. Midas Hutch, JAEL) [8BallTown]

SFC.JGR – Stair Way (feat. Qim Isle) [8BallTown] 

KIRIN – Fantasy (feat. Simon Dominic, Hoody & Unity Recordz)


meenoi – sunbeam [8BallTown]

Mogwaa – Chanting [8BallTown]

KIRIN – Temptation (Benedek Dub) [Unreleased]

<DJ Jeyon Stargate Mix>

Mogwaa – Noche de Bailar [Stargate/8BallTown]

Ish Ledesma – Don’t Stop [Clouds]

Alicia Myers – I Want to Thank You (Kon’s Shine Your Light Remix) [Kontemporary]

Tatham, Mensah, Lord & Ranks – No Facetime (errors) [2000 Black]

Dego – Just Give it a Long Shot [Neroli]

Hipnotic – Are You Lonely? (Opolopo Rework) [Street-Level]

Norman Connors – She’s Gone [Arista]

Unlimited Touch – I Hear Music in the Streets (Touch Mix) [Nervous]

Prince – Sticky Like Glue-Our House (Timmy’s Original Shelter Version) [Circuit T Promo]

Johnny Hammond – Los Conquistadores Chocolatés (Moplen Dizco Delight pt.2) [Milestone]

<Produced by Mogwaa>

Mogwaa – Green Water [Unreleased]

Mogwaa – No, no [Unreleased]

Mogwaa – Despedida [8Balltown]

Mogwaa – 07307 Outtake [Unreleased]

Mogwaa – Burgundy Red [1asia]

Mogwaa – Lagrima [Unreleased]

Mr.Ho – 000BABY (Mogwaa Remix) [Unreleased]

Hyoxang – Night of Moraenae (Mogwaa’s Fresh Juice Mix) [Kidwave]