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South Korea’s DJ Soulscape aka Min June Park presents a new wave of music from East Asia and beyond.

This month, DJ Soulscape selects new and best works of the most prominent producer and beatmaker Peejay, new tracks from Sumin, Computer Music Club, Two Tone Shape, lo-fi pop vibe from Zoorumpug, Monocat. Digging into Korea’s jazz scene, DJ Soulscape introduces new album of pianist Nam Meari, exclusive improvise live recording of TEHO, and special retrospective playlist of tracks by Korea’s spiritual jazz giant KIM OKI.

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Mind Combined (PEEJAY X JINBO) – Can You Understand [Walkin’]
Mind Combined (PEEJAY X JINBO) – Purple Sky [Walkin’]
BEENZINO – Blurry Feat. DBO (Prod by PEEJAY) [1llionaire]
PEEJAY – swimming [Unreleased Demo]
Zion.T – 말라깽이 (feat. E-Sens) [The Black Label]
PEEJAY – Stranger (feat. Crush) [Walkin’]
Sumin – Fightman feat. sokodomo [Self-Release]
Computer Music Club – 160(Produced by Yetsuby) [Self-Release]
Computer Music Club – 160.00(Produced by Uman Therma) [Self-Release]
Two Tone Shape – Body (feat. MUSHXXX) (JNS Remix) [HBR]
Two Tone Shape – Mystic Avenue (Sojeso Remix) [HBR]
Zoorumpug – For Ya Baby [8BallTown]
Monocat – Mercury [8BallTown]
Nam Meari – For Lovers [Self-Release]
Nam Meari – Dusk II – III [Self-Release]
TEHO – #19 improvise 02 & 04 (Exclusive Live Recording) [Unreleased]
Kim Oki – 윤형근-Burnt Umer & Ultramarine [PKM]
Kim Oki Fucking Madness -PowerofLove(with Avantgarde Vak) [POCLANOS]
Kim Oki Saturn Ballad – 심정 [Self-Release]
Kim Oki – For My Angel [Bongtongpan]
Kim Oki – Suddenly My Armpit Feels Itchy [Bongtongpan]