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Min June Park aka DJ Soulscape, one of the best known and most respected DJs in South Korea, has been arranging and composing music under a whole other persona since as early as 2000.

Coming direct from Seoul, Soulscape will be offering an eclectic blend of old and new, paying homage to forgotten Korean music from the 1960s and 70s.

Listen now Tracklist

XXX – Just Like [BANA]

Zion.T feat. E-Sens – 말라깽이 [YG]

Horim feat. Paloalto – Sugar [Self-Release]

Sultan of the Disco – Manic Depression [BGBG]

조웅 – 내가 뭘 (Demo) [BANA]

Glam Gould – MIND WAVE [Self-Release]

Crush – ludlow hotel [Unreleased]

Jeremy Quest feat. Dbo – True [Newwave]

KIRIN – DJ Light, DJ Wegun (Girls Around The World Remix feat. Hoody, Jvcki Wai, Sumin) [8balltown]

250 – 이창 [BANA]

오아시스 경음악단 – 너의 그 말을 [Oasis]

최석재 – 가지마오 [Oasis]

강승용 – 한강수 타령 [파라마운트]

고고앤디스코 – 드럼고고 무제 2 [HKR]

송운선 – 눈물젖은 두만강 [Unknown]

김희갑 – 군밤타령 [유니버샬]

김희갑 – 그사람 [오아시스]

매혹의 색소폰 – 애수의 소야곡 [현대]

심성락 – 열일곱살이에요 [Unknown]