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State of Rhythm: Danilo Plessow with Darone Sassounian


Danilo Plessow AKA Motor City Drum Ensemble is on a constant mission to discover new sounds. This one-man-band(ensemble), hailed for his unique combinations of retro and futuristic German house, draws from an impressive and multi-faceted record collection. The celebrated DJ and producer shares some of the music that inspires him every month here on Worldwide FM.

On this edition, Danilo is joined by Darone Sassounian, a DJ, record collector, and producer from Los Angeles. He runs the indie artist management and booking label, Rocky Hill, with aspirations of launching record label operations in 2021. Sassounian focuses on bringing an array of sounds into the world – ranging from styles introduced to him at an early age, to sounds he sought after later on. Influenced by music made in the 70’s and 80’s, his goal is to approach contemporary audiences by clashing the old with the new. Styles ranging from disco, soul, jazz, international obscurities and house.

For this guest mix, Darone will be presenting Armenian rarities from the 1970s and 1980s. Darone will be releasing his fully licensed compilation; “Silk Road: Journey of the Armenian Diaspora 1971 – 1982” on Terrestrial Funk in February 2021. The forthcoming record focuses on presenting the Armenian music scene in the Diaspora. To help what’s happening in Armenia, you can check Focus on Children Now, non-profit Armenian donation.

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