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Haseeb Iqbal with Goldie


Radio host, DJ and spoken word poet Haseeb Iqbal is back for his monthly show.

On this month’s show Haseeb is joined by one of the most pioneering forces in British electronic music, Goldie.

The pair trace Goldie’s early years, growing up in the care system in the West Midlands, as well as how he has coped with abandonment and rejection, and the impact it has had on him ever since. They map the therapies and treatment that have allowed him to navigate his trauma and addiction, as well as why he’s happy that his fast-paced lifestyle finally slowed down.

They speak of his fascination with American hip-hop and graffiti culture and the trip to New York which changed his life. Goldie also talks about his entry point into making music, giving us an insight into the landscape of London’s club culture at the turn of the 90s, citing the influences of Fabio & Grooverider, 4Hero, Doc Scott, Kemistry and more.

He explains why he believes drum and bass culture is the most influential musical style there is, why Sade is the one artist he is most desperate to work with and why his MBE is the “same as having a Blue Peter badge.” The pair combine their conversation with music throughout. Tune in for an eye-opening two hours which give us a snapshot into one of the most fascinating minds there is.

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