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Haseeb Iqbal – Gil Scott Heron special with Ché Scott-Heron


This month, Haseeb celebrates the life of legendary poet, musician and activist Gil Scott-Heron, joined in the studio by his daughter, Ché Scott-Heron.

One of the most important African American voices in history and the precursor to all rap and hip-hop, both Haseeb and Ché map the incredibly fascinating life of Mr Scott-Heron.

Navigating the context of his hugely political voice, we hear personal anecdotes of what he was like as a father, how he and Stevie Wonder setup the petition to make Martin Luther King’s birthday a public holiday, succeeding, as well as how his father was the first ever black player to play for Celtic FC.

They discuss what his voice represents in a modern context, exploring the endless samples of his work from the likes of Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar and Anderson Paak to name a few. As well as how he paved the way for African Americans to express their voices in a way that previously wasn’t possible, remembered by many as the ‘Godfather of Rap’.

A riveting two hours paying homage to one of the greatest ever, this is a conversation that’s not to be missed.

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