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Darker Than Wax: Dean Chew with MLCH (Digger’s Delight)


Dean Chew AKA Funk Bast*rd heads up the Darker Than Wax collective and imprint on the island of Singapore, home to a flourishing DIY musical culture, showcasing diverse underground electronic sounds from Southeast Asia and beyond. His left-field approaches to genre-crossing and imaginative mixing add an extra something-something to his already eclectic selections.

For this month’s show Dean is joined by Hong Kong-based Florian Melinette aka MLCH, one of the minds behind FuFu creative and the excellent Shi Fu Mix Festival join him for a guest mix with a selection of rare gems!

Listen now Tracklist

Hiromasa Suzuki – Gentle Wave
Byard Lancaster – Jazzy Lady – The Sea of Tempest
Huw Marc Bennett – Risk of a New Age feat. Miryam Solomon (Super Radio
Nubiyan Twist feat.Pat Thomas – Ma Wonka
Zeitgeist & Tucceri – Tzimtzum
Alostmen – Bayiti (rRoxymore remix)
8ball – Only Time Will Tell
Delilah Holliday – Falling Into Place
Roy Mills – 100% Pure Hygiene
King Lutendo – Gratitude
Howie Lee – Foreign Flowers
Sunken Cages – Song For The Zanzi
Mr Mitch – What They Want
Zopelar – Cruisin
Kavita – Goddess Deluxe (BB Boogie Original 45 Edit)
Close Encounters – Something In My Drink
Alphonse – Jee Hee Cee
Ecstasy Boys – Heaven Lake (Giant Step Mix)
Clafrica – You Can’t Guard Me
Sentinel 793 – Seun Flex
delay_ok – Modern Uganda
MLCH Guest Mix
Piranha Gunda – Yakusha Kagyo

Tony Palkovic – Born With a Desire
Lee Fun-Ha – Loving Heart

Captain Mosez – Fly Cherry Fly (Single)
Sandra De Sa – Guarde Minha Voz
An Pointe – Y Ké Pwen’i
Almir Ricardi – Se Você Quer Brigar
Chibicro Samba – Lighter But Deeper
Brother Resistance – Nation Time
Chimora – Eli Eli

Munir – Asia Africa