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Darker Than Wax: Dean Chew with Halal Sol


Show from Darker Than Wax’s Dean Chew (AKA Funk Bast*rd).

Darker Than Wax is an electronic music label based in Singapore, breaking bounds and grounds, progressing the music scene in their city and extending their influence globally. Through a growing stable of international artists and selectors, they continue to grow from strength to strength, tirelessly pushing for diversity in music and proving that categories are totally irrelevant.

For this show, Dean will be joined by Halal Sol.

Listen now Tracklist

. DTW Intro
2. The Al Williams Quintet Plus One – Erik’s Tune [Renaissance Records]
3. Brooklyn Raga Massive – Afrindica [Northern Spy]
4. Peacemaker Global Quartet – Bogaloo Bee (Remastered) [Unknown]
5. Funk Factory – Rien Ne Va Plus [ATCO Records]
6. Kenny Segal – adultswimtypebeat [Ruby Yacht]
7. Fauxe – no favourites 4 [Unknown]
8. Abstract Orchestra – Fancy Clown [ATA Records]
9. Cortez – I really wanna do it good to you [TezRu Records]
10. Mocky – Space Strut [Heavy Sheet Music]
11. Greater Manchester Housing Authority – ALNILAM [Unknown]
12. Mathématiques Modernes – Jungle Hurt [Celluloid]
13. Personal Funktion Featuring Krys Williams – Good To You (Version 1) [Prestige Productions]
14. Scone Cash Players – Necking [Mango Hill Records]
15. Nicky Ukur – Kata Sepaham [Unknown]
16. V.O – Mashisa (Dub Mix) [Super Beat]
17. Doctor House – Gunman [Music Team]
18. Social Lovers – Lover’s Flame [Cherries Records]
19. Opus Ten – Love’s Calling [Pandisc]
20. King David – Trinidad Rock [Queen Constance Records]
21. Folamour – Y’all Right (thatmanmonkz 8 Minutes Of Funk Remix) [Classic]
22. Mchy i Porosty – Ravage [Recognition]
22. Warren Raww – Meekong [Natural Sciences]
23. DJ Lag & Epic B – Going Modd [Goon Club Allstars]
24. Blood, Wine Or Honey – Brilliant Pebbles [Unknown]

Halal Sol Guest Mix
1. Viscosity [Unknown]
2. Nowhere But Here [Unknown]
3. Without That [Unknown]
4. Props [Unknown]
5. Fine Line [Unknown]
6. Post Anxiety [Unknown]
7. Black [Unknown]