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Darker Than Wax: Dean Chew


Dean Chew AKA Funk Bast*rd heads up the Darker Than Wax collective and imprint on the island of Singapore, home to a flourishing DIY musical culture, showcasing diverse underground electronic sounds from Southeast Asia and beyond. His left-field approaches to genre-crossing and imaginative mixing add an extra something-something to his already eclectic selections.

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Joe Chambers – Medina
Buki-Yamaz – Trade Winds
Loure – Heavyweight Sinner
Andrew Wasylyk – Awoke In The Early Days of a Better World Larry Bright – Majestic
Bel Cobain & Lex Amor – At The Bay (Clean)
Qu’ran Shaheed – Heal
Bellydance – 3 Days Man! (3AM Mix)
Gallo – Small Things (Balearic Gabba Sound System’s Social Acid Distance Remix)
D.K – Five Wisdoms
Taiyo – Hydrangea lode
Barrio Joyride – Cool It
sauce81 -Love Is The Harmony
King Somalie – Monkey ‘s Dance
Raúl Monsalve y los Forajidos – Cafunga
NY*AK – Afghan Jam ft. Mark Hand
Dj Valium – 3 (Meditation mix)
Dj Slyngshot – Untitled (A1)
Lego Edit – Friendly Pressure (Relative Acid Journey) Munir – Pit Stop
East Coast Love Affair – Don’t Be Afraid
Kareem Ali – Hustle II (Rise Of The Phoenix)
DMX Krew – Hayloft
Lavan – Proxy Goon
Strategy – Nom Wah Tea Parlour
Sepoys – Habibi Bass
Fauzia – Berceuse
YCO Cru – Long Island
Akio Nagase – Tinsugu Nu Hna
Johannes Albert – Katharinenbild
Valérie Lagrange – Si Ma Chanson Pouvait