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Classic Album Sundays: The Strokes’ Is This It


Founded by radio host, music producer, label owner and journalist, Colleen “Cosmo” Murphy, Classic Album Sundays allows listeners to fully immerse themselves into an album by exploring its context, the making of and a full replay of the album on vinyl.

Is This It is the debut album from American rock band The Strokes released in 2001. The record combines garage rock influences with the charm and poppy aesthetic of fellow New York bands like the Velvet Underground, who similarly journaled the experience of the disillusioned urban youth of America. The album was met was huge critical and commercial success and birthed a revival of band culture in popular culture across the Western world.

Listen now Tracklist

The Strokes – Last Night [RCA Records]
Velvet Underground – Rock & Roll [Atlantic]
The Replacements – I Will Dare [Twin Tone]
The Strokes – The Modern Age [RCA Records]
The Strokes – Someday [RCA Records]
The Strokes – Take It Or Leave It [RCA Records]
The Stokes – New York City Cops [RCA Records]
The Strokes – Play Soma [RCA Records]
The Strokes – Play Barely Legal [RCA Records]
The Strokes – Hard To Explain [RCA Records]
The Strokes – Is This It [RCA Records]

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