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Classic Album Sundays: Dr Dre’s The Chronic


Founded by radio host, music producer, label owner and journalist, Colleen “Cosmo” Murphy, Classic Album Sundays allows listeners to fully immerse themselves into an album by exploring its context, the making of and a full replay of the album on vinyl.

This edition focuses on the debut album from American hip hop artist, Dr Dre, released on his own label Death Row Records. The record was Dr Dre’s first release after his departure from the NWA and is noted for kickstarting the G-Funk genre of Gangsta Rap. The album is since certified triple platinum and is widely regarded as one of the best hip hop records of all time.

Listen now Tracklist

Sly5thAve – The Jam Featuring Matthias _Pedal
Dr Dre – The Chronic (Intro)
Sly5thAve – My Name Is Featuring Robert Seari
Dr Dre – Stranded on Death Row
Sly5thAve – Shiznit Featuring Jesse Fischer
Dr Dre – Lil’ Ghetto Boy (feat. Daz & Snoop Dogg)
Sly5thAve – Guilty Conscience
Dr Dre – The Day the Niggaz Took Over (feat. Daz, Snoop Dogg & RBX)
Sly5thAve – Interlude #4
Sly5thAve – The Jam, Pt. 2 Featuring Paul Wil
Parliament – Funkentelechy
Sly5thAve – Interlude #5
Dr Dre – Nuthin’ but a G thang (feat. Snoop Dogg)
Dr Dre – Let Me Ride (feat. Jewell)
Sly5thAve – Let Me Ride Featuring Jimetta Rose
Sly5thAve – The Jam, Pt. 3
Willie Hutch – Brother’s Gonna Work It Out
Sly5thAve – Next Episode
Dr Dre – High Powered
Dr Dre – The Roach (The Chronic Outro)

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