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The Nelly Boum Show: Roses


Tune in for the Nelly Boum Show presented by award winning director and experience designer Nelly Ben Hayoun.

From Blida (the city of roses) in Algeria to Yerevan in Armenia, Nelly is exploring the theme of the rose. One of the most romantic, dangerous, bloody, yet inspirational and colourful flowers. Join in with the cross-border floral dialogue where roses and their seeds are used an opportunity to reflect on political and musical practice.

Nelly Boum’s second show will bring together a space scientist, zar musicians, a children’s author, an underground record label in Cairo, an Iranian dancer and more in two hours of floral fireworks.

Prof. Chris Welch – Professor of Space Engineering at the International Space University, who will share some thoughts on extraterrestrial gardening.

Marcus Thomas – Known as The Black Children Author, who will share a children’s story on roses.

Fatemeh Towhidlou – A dancer, who will share some Iranian poems on roses

Adam from HIZZ – A Cairo-based record label, artists residency and record store with the aim of promoting avant garde art and music in the Middle East and its diaspora.

Alan McClellan – Chemical Engineer, who will to enlighten us to exactly what is inside fertilizers.

Hugo Stepanian – French Armenian DJ and Nelly’s cousin, who will speak on his favourite Armenian tunes and organising garden parties.

Zar performers – From the Makan, Egyptian Center for Culture and Arts in Cairo

Tatevik Ayvazyan – Director of the Armenian Institute in London

Lauren Alexander – Syrian and South African practice Foundland Collective on the global financial crash and the Royal Flora Holland Aalsmeer

Listen now Tracklist

Roses – Outkast
Rachid Taha – Ecoute-Moi Camarade
Abdelrahmane Aziz – Rawayah El Djena (1961)
Komitas- Dle yaman (artist: Зара feat. Дживан Гаспарян )
Komitas – Shushiki (For string quartet)
Ettika – Ettika
Rachid Taha – Voila Voila
Nass Makan- recorded at MAKAN in January 2020, Egyptian Center for Culture and ArtsINSIN — Finding My Legs (record Label HIZZ. me from Cairo)
Al – Mutreb Abul – Loul – Ladyyyyy 2020 (record Label HIZZ. me from Cairo)
Seal – kiss from a rose
Rachid Taha – Douce France