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Tune in for the Nelly Boum Show presented by award winning director and experience designer Nelly Ben Hayoun.

A monthly show to discover change makers activating systems from within. With a focus on North African and Caucasian music and experts (but also showcasing international talents), the Nelly Boum Show is a series of inspirational, quirky and funny interviews- and brilliant music-specifically tailored for content creators and independent thinkers and makers of new worlds. Every month, the Nelly Boum Show unravels a theme and explores it in a multiverse of possible new futures- we listen and discuss economy, politics, and other systems as we know it through music. Along the way, interviewees share their methods, and models and how they got to do what they are doing. Led by the founder of the University of the Underground, boxer and SETI (Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute, and NASA International Space orchestra director Nelly Ben Hayoun-Stépanian; the show is a plethora of unique talents and pluralistic thinkers.

This month we question our HOME-S.

‘Stay Home’…a tune for corona time, in this new Nelly Boum show, we discuss family, homecoming, repatriation but also departure.

‘Home’ is loaded with happy- or sad- memories, complex colonial but also conflict dynamics. A special show, as Nelly is preparing to leave for Armenia in two weeks to start recording her new movie in the land of her family- hoping to reconnect with her ‘home’ there – while the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan has now reached extremes in the past few days.

So home- a ‘paradise’, a destination or a journey ? Find out with:

– Norwegian yoiker and musician, Frode Fjellheim who will tell us about Yoik- a traditional form of vocal interpretations in Sámi music performed by the Sámi people of Sapmi in Northern Europe.

– Intellectual entrepreneur and activist sociologist, Hratch Tchilingirian who will discuss religion at home but also armenity with the 2019 Armenian Diaspora Survey.

-Ibrahim Nehme, creator, curator and writer based in Beirut, who will present his independent magazine, the Outpost and discuss the rebirth of his hometown- Beirut after the trauma of the explosion.

– Boris Gasparyan, Armenian Archaeologist and ancient wine specialist will tell us how our ancestors used to make wine in caves.

– Shirin Mirachor, Artistic Director and Founder of MONO a radical queer club and (A)WAKE, a cultural ‘institute’ in Rotterdam who will talk about the virtual, nightlife and the dance floor as non linear spaces for belonging.

– Susan Pattie, cultural anthropologist, writer and former director of the Armenian Institute in London will share insights on Armenian families and the story of repatriation in Armenia.

– Lucrecia Dalt, Columbian musician, sound artist and performer and geologist will present her latest album- No era sólida- while Nelly invites herself in her home.

– Social anthropologist Jan Ketil Simonsen will present his study on mobility and migration in Zambia.

– Magid Magid, activist, writer and politician will talk buses but also his new book- ‘The Art of Disruption’ which he wrote on his journey into politics and as a love letter to his hometown of Sheffield.

– Otis Mensah, alternative hip-hop and spoken word artist, and Poet Laureate of Sheffield will be telling us about what it means to be a “Mum’s House Philosopher” .

-Rooney Elmi, creator of SVLLY(wood) Magazine, anti-capitalist, feminist film theorist independent magazine and No EVIL EYE a underground nomadic micro-cinema will share her ‘home’ related film selection with us.

Listen now Tracklist

Talking Heads – This must be the Place
Frodes Band Transjoik – The song: Meavraa – The Ancient Voice from the Album Meavraa
Erkan ogur – Home Coming
13th century hymn, still sung in the Armenian Church today Mystery Deep_KhachaturTaronatsi_
Cheb mami and Idir – Azawaw 2
Asmach – Guadegna
Noureddine Staifi ‎– Aye Leli Lelou
Ser Boca – Lucrecia Dalt
Revuelta – Lucrecia Dalt
Hot Ethiopian Music –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agVUnHLEtJs&feature=youtu.be
University of the Underground Students  – Ruiner by The Neurons
Otis Mensah – The Thinks (Lyrics & performance. Otis Mensah / Prod. Brelstaff / Mixed & mastered. the intern)
Kanye West – Homecoming  )