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The Nelly Boum Show: Flour


Tune in for the Nelly Boum Show presented by award winning director and experience designer Nelly Ben Hayoun.

Every month, the Nelly Boum Show unravels a theme and explores it in a multiverse of possible new futures- we listen and discuss the economy, politics, and other systems as we know it through music. Along the way, interviewees share their methods, and models and how they got to do what they are doing. Led by the founder of the University of the Underground, boxer and SETI (Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute, and NASA International Space orchestra director Nelly Ben Hayoun-Stépanian; the show is a plethora of unique talents and pluralistic thinkers.

ITS MARCH, MEANING ITS INTERNATIONAL FLOUR MONTH! It’s time to recognise the versatility and explosive quality of this ground staple kitchen item. Did you know there are nine different types of wheat flour: cake flour, pastry flour, plain or all-purpose flour, bread flour, hard flour, gluten flour, unbleached flour and self-raising flour. The English word “flour” is originally a variant of the word “”flower’ and both words derive from the Old French fleur or flour, which had the literal meaning “blossom”, and a figurative meaning “the finest”. The phrase “fleur de farine” meant “the finest part of the meal”, since flour resulted from the elimination of coarse and unwanted matter from the grain during milling.

Grab your apron and hear all about flour, armenian bread, semoulina, the sinking Netherlands and dry feet, explosive flour, blue chocolate, carbon monoxide and bread; and more… as we celebrate International Flour Month with:

-Legendary Rabah Ourrad aka Donquishoot, Algerian rapper from the first-ever Arabic speaking rap band MBS, but also Masterchef judge and restaurant owner will host a mini cooking show and teach us to cook traditional Algerian pancakes called Baghrir

-Teun Castelein, artist, designer, one-man conglomerate and our resident mill expert will tell us how he keeps his feet dry and how and why Netherlands is not yet sinking.

-Anne Baber Wallis an epidemiologist and a global health historian. She studies women’s health globally, with the goal of helping to reduce maternal and infant deaths. She has ongoing research projects in West Africa, the US, Armenia, and Romania, and she collaborates with researchers elsewhere in eastern Europe and India. Anne will share with us her research finding.

-Artashes Tadevosyan Professor, Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi, Department of Public Health and Health Care, Yerevan, Armenia. Together with Anne Baber Wallis, they have measured CO- carbon monoxide, particulates, and biological and health factors in more than 90 households in Armenia.

-Andre Fonfrede, owner of Le Petit Caporal, a renowned bakery in Nelly’s hometown- Valence- specialising in making blue cakes

-Sam Bompas- co founder of Bompas and Parr, experiential food design studio based in London and renowned for their jelly sculptures. Sam will share some insights on the explosive nature of flour.

-Kate Leahy Cookbook author, freelance writer. And co-author of the book: LAVASH, a deep dive into Armenia’s favourite bread.

-Ara Zada, half Armenian and half Egyptian Executive Chef specializing in recipe development and food styling and co-author of the book: LAVASH, a deep dive into Armenia’s favourite bread. Together with Kate, they will host a cooking show on Jingalov Hat!

-Djamel Ait Idir owner of Khamsa Algerian Restaurant in Brixton, London and, recent coeliac will tell us about the development of his latest book on the history of algerian cuisine.

-Thris Tian, legend DJ and co-founder of Worldwide FM will share his love for custard but also will do Sitraka, Victoria and Nelly’s appraisal as that is their 9th show…. will the show continue? Listen until the end to find out what happened!

Production- Victoria Adams and Sitraka Rakotoniaina

Listen now Tracklist

Song 1 – Ma chérie by Jul (feat. Maître Gims) (Link)

Song 2 – Solo by Soolking (Link)

Song 3 – QAMI PCHI by H.A.Y.Q (Link)

Song 4 – In use- Small Commercial / Industrial Flour Mill (Link)

Song 5 – NASSI / Habibi by DJ Leska (Link)

Song 6 – Inchu Heratsar by Super Sako (feat. Hovo) (Link)

Song 7 – A KELE NTA by MHD (Link)

Song 8 – Erotas – by Sirusho (Link)

Song 9 – 10/10 avec Dadju & Alonzo by Gims (Link)



Song 12 – Hey Girl by Harage Mc Duo Cheba Dalila  (Link)

Song 13 – Bühler Group – State-of-the-art milling technology (Grueninger Swiss flour mill)