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Oscillations: Danalogue with Paddy Steer


A bi-monthly show focusing on synthesised music, combined with live performances and dialogues with a special guest. Hosted by Dan Leavers a.k.a Danalogue, producer and synth player of The Comet Is Coming and Soccer96, and producer of albums by Snapped Ankles, Alabaster Deplume, Lunchmoney & Flamingods to name but a few.

On this month’s show, he is joined by Paddy Steer, a Zelig-like character along the timeline of Manchester’s musical activity. It’s a testament to his musicality that he has played with such a wide range of music and artists over the years, be it as a bass player, drummer, Hawaiian guitarist or all these roles at the same time.

Listen now Tracklist

Fabio Fabor – Sea Melody [Kudos]

Atheletic Progression – Convoy [Superbad Disco] COMPACTdisc ステレオドラマ憎しみと愛のスパイラル Soulwax – EMS Synthi 100 Movement 4 [Vinyl Factory] Computer Jay & Dam Funk – Phantom [All City Records] K-LONE – Cocoa [White Teeth]

Calabashed! – Ode To Jazzman John Clark [Purple City Souffle] Laraaji – Embracing Timeless

Mansur Brown – Jamlia [Soulection Records]

NOW VS NOW – Cloud Fishing [Jazzlandrec]

Danalogue x Sarathy Korwar – Major Goes Free

U – Lowlands [Where To Now?]

Hype Williams – Madting [Big Dada]

Hype Williams – Baby Blue [Big Dada]

Vague Imaginaires – Mais Qu’est-ce Que [12th Isle]

Danalogue – Awakening on the planet

Danalogue – Starcatchers