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Oscillations: Danalogue with Phil MFU


A bi-monthly show focusing on synthesised music, combined with live performances and dialogues with a special guest. Hosted by Dan Leavers a.k.a Danalogue, producer and synth player of The Comet Is Coming and Soccer96, and producer of albums by Snapped Ankles, Alabaster Deplume, Lunchmoney & Flamingods to name but a few. On this month’s show, Danalogue is joined by synth wizard Phil MFU, solo artist and member of Vanishing Twin.

Listen now Tracklist

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – The Spine Is Quiet In The Center
Matthew Bourne – Somewhere I Have Never Travelled (For Coral Evans)
Motohiko Hamase – Circlet
The Colours That Rise – Orion’s Belt and Beyond
The Colours That Rise – Get Away
Tomita – Clari De Lune (Debussy)
Soccer96 – Children Will Dance feat. Alabaster Deplume
Mitradate – Bolle D’Aria
Sun Ra – Spontanious Simplicity
Nu Garcon – Gleaners
Clark – Dove in Flames
Fennesz – City of Light
Soccer96 – Alice
Cecil Leuter – Pop Electronique No.1
Phil MFU – Marooned On Mercury
Excerpts from BBC Radiophonic Workshop – Out of This World
Excerpts from Phil MFU – ‘April Session’
The Clash – Know Your Rights
Lee Gamble – Folding
SMBD – Stellarize
SMBD – Libra Priest Tribute Number 9
Capitol K – Brook
Waclaw Zimpel – Massive Oscillations
Jeff Parker – Metamorphoses
Max Cooper – Aleph 2
Yellow Magic Orchestra – Prologue
Yellow Magic Orchestra – Epilogue