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Oscillations: Danalogue with The Colours That Rise


A bi-monthly show focusing on synthesised music, combined with live performances and dialogues with a special guest. Hosted by Dan Leavers a.k.a Danalogue, producer and synth player of The Comet Is Coming and Soccer96, and producer of albums by Snapped Ankles, Alabaster Deplume, Lunchmoney and Flamingods to name but a few.

On this show, Danalogue is joined by The Colours That Rise, a producer duo Simeon Jones and Nathanael Williams, for live session and chat. Tune in to hear more about his label focus of the month: Leaving Records from Los Angeles.

Listen now Tracklist

Brian Bennet – Solstice [Isle of Jura Records]

Kara – NGC 224 [Leaving Records]

Kara – Mikado [Leaving Records]

Kara – Scramble [Leaving Records]

John Carroll Kirby – Meditations in Music V [Leaving Records]

Yuk. – Body Language [Leaving Records]

Oneohtrix Point Never – Cross Talk I [Warp]

Oneohtrix Point Never – Autio & Allo [Warp]

Oneohtrix Point Never – Nothing’s Special [Warp]

Tornado Wallace – Midnight Mania [Optimo Music]

Star Searchers – Chenjiang Fauna [Pacific City Discs]

Danalogue x Alabaster dePlume – You’re Doing Very Well [Total Refreshment Centre Records]

Abdou El Omari – Marsouol Alhoub [Radio Martiko]

Mort Garson – Concerto for Philodendron and Pothos [Sacred Bones


Mort Garson – Aquarius [Elektra]

Telan Devik – Private world

Joon – E.T. [Italians Do It Better]

Satoshi & Makoto – Corendor [Safe-Trip]


INTERVIEW with Nathanael T Williams and Simeon Jones from THE


Excerpts from ‘Home Time’ // ‘Opacity’ // ‘Hyper Lace’

From Grey Doubt, released on Rhythm Section May 2020



Susumu Yokota – Tanuki [Midgar Records]

Actress – Fret

Serafina Steer – The Mind is a Trap

Coma World – Bouncing Bunnies [Byrd Out]

Coma World – Wild Colours [Byrd Out]

cLOUDDEAD – I Promise Never To Get Paint on my Glasses Again PtII

[Big Dada]

Yussef Dayes – Black Love – Amazonian Springs

Wendy Carlos – Winter [CBS]

CLOUDSHOES – Climate Satellite Aurora

The Colours That Rise – Deep Space [Rhythm Section]

salami rose joe louis – We’re Dumb [Brainfeeder]

Twinkle3 – Abnoba 456

Aphex Twin #13 / Blue Calx