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Herva AKA Herve Atsè Corti is a DJ and producer from Italy. Having made an early foray in DJing and making music and a young teen, Herva was quickly picked up by Bosconi Records before he cofounded the Tru West collective, an experimental music project born purely out of jams on a clarinet, sampler and Moog synthesiser.

Herva presents a New Music Worldwide mix, with upcoming and unreleased material from his very capable friends and family.

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Raccoglimento Parziale – Tender And Deformed [Aut Records] // Italy
Tanzmusik – City Light (Version) [Sublime Records] // Japan
Modus – Piano Chain [Marmo Music] // Italy
Huerco S – On The Embankment [Proibito] // USA
Gasper-Lawal – Ajomasé [Cap Records] // Nigeria
Gregory Isaacs – Public Eyes [Burning Sounds] // Jamaica
Eric Copeland – Mondo Slo-Mo [Palmetto Arts] // USA
Aqua Regia – N.Y.C. Smile On Me [Irdial Discs] // UK
Dukwa – 4Everthis [Numbers] // Italy
Birdland – What? [Neurhythmics] // UK
Afx – Backdoor.spyboter.a [Rephlex] // Ireland
Konstruktivits – How You Say [Sterile Records] // UK
Herva – Smania [All City Dublin] // Italy
Severed Heads – Spitoon Thud [Medical] // Australia
Lorenzo Fortino – Sto In Un Altro Mondo [Futop Musica] // Italy
Claudio Rocchetti – Mendelsshon [Presto!?] // Italy
Herva – Multicone [Planet Mu] // Italy
Meze – P.S.14 [HomeMadeZucchero] // Italy
Tru West – Chasing The Loophole In A Relentless Spiral Of Self-indulgence [Marmo Music] // Italy
Herva – Kaleidoscopic [All City Dublin] // Italy

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