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New Music Worldwide: Appleblim


Thris Tian‘s weekly Friday afternoon show expands to a brand new Saturday broadcast, getting into the mix with some of his favourite artists.

Appleblim, pioneer of UK music across the board, shares a mix influenced by new music from his travels over the years.

“It’s been a while since I did a mix as I have been hard at work in the studio working on my own tracks, and having a break from gigs too so it was fun to step back into selector role! I moved to Berlin a while ago but haven’t transported my records over here yet so this was digging in the digital crates as it were, sourcing some bits I’ve discovered and rediscovered recently. It opens with some new and forthcoming stuff from me, theres an exclusive Peverelist track on there, he’s a constant inspiration, some early 90s stuff that really resonates with me as deep trippy imaginative dance music, from Orlando Voorn and Murk under different names, and B12. ..hard to believe that track is from ’91..and the CTI track is just insane really isn’t it! 1984! Chris & Cosey finally getting the props and reissues they deserve, and still making vital music…”

Listen now Tracklist

Appleblim – Holistic Rider – [forthcoming Beatnik Boulevard]
Arkist – Nightflare – Appleblim Dub [forthcoming Honey Glazed]
Sory Bamba – Nani Nani – Appleblim Edit Overdub [forthcoming Africa Seven]
How Du – Deadbreak – [unreleased]
Dude Energy – Some Desire [Animals Dancing]
Peverelist – Under Clearing Skies [forthcoming Livity Sound]
Norken – Southern Soul [Delsin]
Inner City – Share My Life – Kenny Larkin Remix [KMS]
Designer Loops – I Believe – 9Lower [East Side Records]
Mission Control – Outer Limits [Deep South Recordings]
B12 – Obsessed [B12]
Joedan – Doin It Dark [Vex]
CTI – Dancing Ghosts [Conspiracy International US]

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