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New Music Worldwide: From Concentrate


From Concentrate are a record label hailing from Africa, Norway, Australia, Italy and London. With a fruity aesthetic and serious music, their first record, out in a few weeks, features six songs from six of their recently signed artists including Count Counsellor and LVNA. Their sound takes on many different musical styles ranging from Lier’s 8-bit spoken word techno to Gud Jon’s angelic Icelandic choral tones.

Their New Music Worldwide mix is a cross genre journey of unreleased music from new label From Concentrate. All the music has been produced by a From Concentrate artist and will be forthcoming on the label over the next year.

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Barry Karl – The Bird With The Beak [Unreleased]
LIER – Eyes Close to Feel [Unreleased]
Groove Council – Got Ta Get UUP [From Concentrate]
LIER – Cost Of Me [From Concentrate]
MEI – Sandstorm [From concentrate]
Them Blends- I Got It [Unreleased]
Lady Groove Feat. MEI – You Don’t Have to call Remix[Unreleased]
LIER – FEVERINYA [Unreleased]
Husky Loops – Dead (ANiceAfternoon Remix)
LIER – Why Your Legs Are The Way They Are [Unreleased]
AniceAfternoon – Spin Across The Sky [Unreleased]
Benny Sex – Break You Down Low [Unreleased]
Them Blends – Walk In My Dreams [Unreleased]
Caper Parade – Feel Like Aladdin [Self Released]
Gud Jon – Alright For Night [Unreleased]
LVNA – Blue & Green [From Concentrate]
ANiceAfternoon – AdinnerinAPOND [From Concentrate]

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