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Gondwana Records: Matthew Halsall with Hania Rani


Show from Matthew Halsall, Manchester-based composer, trumpeter and founder of Gondwana Records.

This edition is a takeover by Hania Rani, who is releasing her debut solo album “Esja” from the label.

Hania Rani

A pianist, composer and musician who splits her life between Warsaw, where she makes her home, and Berlin where she studied and often works. She has written for strings, piano, voice and electronics. Has collaborated with the likes of Christian Löffler, Dobrawa Czocherand Hior Chronik, and released an album with her Polish group Tęskno last year. She has performed at some of the most prestigious venues in Europe, from the National Philharmony in Warsaw, to Funkhaus in Berlin, to The Roundhouse in London (where she made her debut at the Gondwana 10th Anniversary Festival last October) and at festivals such as Open’er, Scope Festival and Eurosonic. Her compositions for solo piano were born out of a fascination with the piano as an instrument, and her desire to interpret its sound and harmonic possibilities in their entirety and in her own way.  Her debut album “Esja” is her first, real, personal statement as an artist. “No hiding behind the “collaborations” or “projects” anymore. For the very first time, finally -just me, as I am”.
Listen now Tracklist

Aphex Twin – Jynweythek [Warp Records]
Kelly Moran – Helix [Warp Records]
Plaid – Buddy [Warp Records]
Aleksi Perala – UK74R1514020 [Djak-Up-Bitch (DUB)]
Taz Modi – Black Flowers [Reclaimed Goods]
GoGo Penguin – In Amber (Bonus Track) [Gondwana Records]
Minco Eggersman, Theodoor Borger, Mathias Eick & UNIFONY – Hunt [Butler Records]
Colleen – Holding Horses [Thrill Jockey]
Mammal Hands – Hourglass [Gondwana Records]
Hania Rani – Glass [Gondwana Records]
Hania Rani – Eden [Gondwana Records]
Hania Rani – Hawaii Oslo [Gondwana Records]
Hania Rani & Dobrawa Czocher – Preludium c-moll [My Music Group]
Hania Rani & Dobrawa Czocher – Republika Marzen [My Music Group]
Henry Mancini – Lujon [RCA Victor]
Chilly Gonzales – Gogol [Gentle Threat]
Kollektiv Turmstrasse / David August – Last Day [Diynamic]
Portico Quartet – Window Seat [Real World Records]
Cliff Martinez – Wear Your Seat Belt [Invada]
Juana Molina – Ay, No Se Ofendan [Crammed Discs]
Asger Baden – Z Z Z Z [Lizard Shakedown Records)
Krzysztof Komeda – Walk On the Water [Polydor]
Olafur Arnalds – Ypsilon [Mercury KX]
Radiohead – III Wind [XL Records]
Joep Beving – Ab Ovo [Deutsche Grammophon]
Nils Frahm – Sunson [Erased Tapes]
Maarja Nuut – Odangule [Self-Released]
Phil France – Circle (Reprise) [Gondwana Records]

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