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Future Nostalgia: Atiyyah Khan with Sahel Sounds


South African music journalist, DJ, and researcher Atiyyah Khan (El Corazon) digs out gems, past and present. The show is an extension of the music collective she co-founded in Cape Town called Future Nostalgia, which has hosted listening sessions in the city for the past eight years.

For this week’s show, Atiyyah explores two hours of music from the Sahel Sounds platform – which has dedicated the past ten years to researching and releasing hard-to-find music from the Sahel region in Africa. She speaks to label founder Christopher Kirkley about running the label. They also talk about the compilation series, Music from Saharan Whatsapp released over the past year during the pandemic; digital colonisation and utilizing DIY-technologies – while exploring some of the best music released by the label. Thanks to Grant Jurius from Future Nostalgia, for the artwork.

Listen now Tracklist

1. Hali Diallo by Tallawit Timbouctou (Mali)

2. Aylana by Idassane Wallet Mohamed (Kidal, Mali)

3. Alghafiat by Amanar (Music From Saharan Cellphones)

4. Mame Cheikh by Wau Wau Collectif (Senegal)

5. Lamru by Mamman Sani (Niger) – Backing Track

6. Anar by Mdou Moctar (Niger)

7. Tagout by Hama (Niger)

8. Eghass Malan by Les Filles De Illighadad (Niger)

9. The Day of the Free Nation by El Wali (Sahara)

10. Gomno Ankreyze by Lingo Seini et son groupe (Hauka)

11. Wana L’Ancien by Fadimoutou Wallet Inamoud (Azawad)

12.  Tarha Ebouse Dighe Mane by Etran de L’Aïr (Music from Saharan WhatsApp 03)

13. Adouna by Alkibar Junior (Music from Saharan WhatsApp 04 )

14. Takamba by Bounaly ( Music from Saharan WhatsApp 10 )

16. Niger Leydi Main by Andal Sukabe (Music from Saharan WhatsApp 07)

18. Tendeynidane by Veyrouz Mint Seymali (Music from Saharan WhatsApp 09)

20. Ballani Diarra by Luka Productions & Kandiafa ( Music from Saharan WhatsApp 06)

22. Arman Doley by Mamman Sani (Niger)

23. Dogonodoon by Luka Productions (Mali)

23. 10 of May by El Wali (Sahara)

24.  Akaline Kidal by Ahmed Ag Kaedy  (Mali)

25. Issusahid Elwaname – Mdou Moctar (Niger)

25. Telillite – Les Filles De Illighadad (Niger)

26. Side A – Super Onze De Gao (Mali)