Andy Votel’s Niche Market: Vol 3 – Paranormal Jazz ‐ Worldwide FM

Andy Votel’s Niche Market: Vol 3 – Paranormal Jazz


As the third instalment of Andy Votel’s Niche Market collides with the Samhain season our intrepid tangent-master finds another terrifying, tenuous micro genre backing Worldwide FM listeners into their darkest corner yet. No stranger to horror records and vampiric vinyl (regardless of the time-of-the-season) our macabre market-trader Votel further tightens the ghoul-posts this October for a strict O-positive diet of JAZZ ONLY phantasmic phonographic records in tribute to Witches, Wolfmen, Wampyrs and Walking dead zoot-suit zombies. With a beedy focus of obscure European improv and frightening free-jazz Votel re-aligns the meaning of Spiritual Jazz for this feature length visit resurrecting vintage vinyl from the crypt while pushing another maligned blood-line down the filter, purifying the puerile and the paura in equal measures. Roll-Up, Roll-Up as Niche Market goes Down Down Down!

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