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WW Rio: A Point of View with Kassin and Joao


Kassin is one of Brazil’s leading producers, having worked as the musical director at the 2016 Rio Paralympics and as a co-producer of Sonzeira. With his musical partner João Duprat, they present two hours direct from Rio de Janeiro.

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amor suado – kassin
Binary love – Doris Norton
Cybernaut-Tonto’s Expanding head band
Drums- Laurie Spiegel
MOdular# 2- Pekala Kordylasinska pekala , asuna arashi
Aluja do rei Xango – Gilberto gil
Maracaibo en la noche- Chelique sarabia
Los esclavos – Nino de Elche
Señor Cascara- Bernardo Sasseti
Afro Hustle- Lou perez
Koyma Hondo- Boncana Maiga
Spring in Rome – Discodor
Once upon a time in the blue Forest – Paulo Mutti
Kissing my love- Cold Blood
I’m the one who loves you- Cherry People
Allspice – Hungry for your love [At-Home]
John Valenti – Higher and Higher [Ariola America]
Jay Days – Long Way Home [Mad About Records]
Crystal Winds – Lover’s Holiday [Cash Ear]
Allen Vizzutti – Rainbows [Baybridge records]
Max Middleton – Dance by the light of the moon [Harvest]
Lincoln Olivetti e Robson Jorge – Sqash [Som Livre]
Daryl Hall & John Oates – Crazy Eyes [MCA]
Minako Yoshida – Runner [RCA]
The city – Snow Queen
Crosby & Nash – Homeward Through the Haze [MCA]
Ivan Lins – Demonio de Guarda [RCA]
Alaíde Costa – Viver de Amor [EMI]
Maria Schneider Orchestra – Don’t Be Evil [Artist Share]

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