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WW Rio: Point of View: Kassin & Joao with Manoel Filho


Alexandre Kassin is one of Brazil’s leading producers and co-producer of Sonzeira. With his musical partner Joao, they present two hours direct from Rio de Janeiro.

This episode they will be joined by record collector and DJ Manoel Filho, who will bring in some 7 inch records from his extensive collection of Brazilian rare and forgotten music.

Listen now Tracklist

Johnny Nash & Lindsay Todd – The Gecko That Wore It’s Skin Inside Out [Island of the Gods]
Calibro 35 – Modular [Records Kicks]
Lawrence Le Doux – Fabiola Riddim [VLEK]
Leonidas & Hobbes – Heavy Weather (Balearic Acid Mix) [Hobbes Music]
Jose Manuel – Lusaka [NuNorthern Soul PROMO]
Onra – Secretly [All City Records]
Alessandro Alessandroni – Underground Disco [Four Flies Records]
佐藤博 (Hiroshi Sato) – 空飛ぶじゅうたん (Flying Carpet) [Kitty Records]
RGB – Market [Ad Hoc]
Murun B and Ivor E – Nigel Clarke [Ears Have Eyes Recordings]
Moton Edits – Morning Shunt [Moton]
Abbadon – No Est Compudable [LABEL UNKNOWN]
Junko Yagami – Zyohanasubargu [LABEL UNKNOWN]
New Born – Galaxy / PRIVATE PRESS / Germany
Domoko Aran – I’m in love [LABEL UNKNOWN]
Peter Phillipe – Subway [LABEL UNKNOWN]
Siassias Talk – Escale [LABEL UNKNOWN]
Matt Orchestra – Night Time [LABEL UNKNOWN]
Madrid Groove – Sauve [LABEL UNKNOWN]
Sheila – Visvas [LABEL UNKNOWN]
Joe Zawinul – The Harvest [LABEL UNKNOWN]
Babylon – Oriental Dance [LABEL UNKNOWN]
Peter Ludermann – African Nightclub [Coloursound Library]
Sister Huber Band – Spring In Sunshine [LABEL UNKNOWN]
Yunsang – At Dawn [LABEL UNKNOWN]
Swede machine – tunnel bana krup [LABEL UNKNOWN]

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