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A Point of View: Kassin & Joao with Ed Motta


Alexandre Kassin is one of Brazil’s leading producers, having worked as the musical director at the 2016 Rio Paralympics and as a co-producer of Sonzeira. With his musical partner Joao, they present two hours direct from Rio de Janeiro.

This week they are joined by Brazilian MPB, rock, soul, funk and jazz musician, Ed Motta.

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Chaim – Sorongaio [Columbia] // Unknown
Ed Motta – A Charada [Trama] // Brazil
Jorginho Telles – Requiem Para Uma Guitarra [Copacabana] // Brazil
Isis – Servant Savior [Tapecar] // US
Tanz in Theos – Bilder [Amiga] // German
Fernando Tordo – Tocata [Universal] // Portugal
Bernard Lubart – To Yasmina [Pierre Cardin] // France
Bobby Vince Paunetto – Taz [Rsvp] // US
Lambert Hendricks and Ross – Cooking at the Continental [Columbia] // UK
Himiko Kikuchi – What’s Baby Singin’ [Continental] // Japan
Litto Nabbia – Querida Miusi [Diorama] // Argentina
Giorgio Azzolini – The Scicluna Street [Carosello] // Italy
Ed Motta – A Town in Flames [Menbran] // Brazil
Bruce Ditmas – Side Looking Radar Image [Finder’s Keepers] // US
Gil Scott-Heron – Under the Hammer [Arista] // US
Staffan Abeleen – Degagé [Phillips] // Unknown
Grupo Acaru – Temarisco [Fermata] // Unknown
Vaclav Zahradnik – Intima [Arla] // Unknown
Ed Motta – Simple Guy [Membran] // Brazil
Dungen – Satt Att Se [Kemado] // Sweden
Steely Dan – Deacon Blues [MCA] // US
Cox Orange – It Wasn’t C-Meant [Amar] // Denmark

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