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The FullJoy Experience: LAANI with Wu-Lu and Ysee


Join Laani each Saturday morning 10-12 for the FullJoy Experience. Start your weekend the right way.

On this week’s FullJoy show, Laani invites Ysee (aka Audrey Gbaguidi) a singer, actress & author originally from Benin, West Africa, raised in France. Ysee is a mentee of afrobeat legend Tony Allen to share a special tribute and premier her new track, “Zelie”  a tribute to Togolese singer Bella Bellow, her mentor/ producer Manu Dibango and now Mr. Allen himself.
Wu-Lu treats listeners to a glimpse inside his inspirations through this 30 minute guest mix. Wu-Lu is a multi-instrumentalist and genre-bending producer working freshest names emerging from UK Jazz, Soul and Hiphop such as Ego Ella May, Lex Amor, Nubya Garcia, Oscar Jerome.
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