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Sarathy Korwar with Nathan Daems


India-born, London-based percussionist and producer Sarathy Korwar presents his new monthly show on Worldwide FM.

On this month’s show, Sarathy is joined by eclectic composer, saxophonist, flautist Nathan Daems from Brussels, as they chat and play tunes from his bands Black Flower, Echoes of Zoo plus a recent collaboration with The Gaslamp Killer!

Listen now Tracklist

Danyel Wayo – Po mwin Bondyé [Cobalt]

Black Flower – Skeleton [Zephyrus Records]

Echoes of Zoo – Monkey Burns Lab [W.E.R.F. Records ]

The Gaslamp Killer ft. Black Flower – Blind Dog [Cuss Records]

Echoes of Zoo – Dance Around Bullets [W.E.R.F. Records ]

Dave Sanders – CIPEUSI

Ragini Trio – Saadho [ W.E.R.F. Records ]