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Radio Highlife: Catania to Havana


Monthly show from London based producer Auntie Flo (Brian D’Souza), Radio Highlife builds on the sound of the label, exploring the best dance sounds coming from around the world, from rare gems to the hottest new releases rumbling dance floors across continents.

On this month’s show he’s focusing on Cuban music.

Listen now Tracklist

Auntie Flo – Cape Town Jam [Brownswood Recordings]

Nu Guinea – Ddoje Facce [The Pusher Digital]

Yazmin Lacey – 90 Degrees [First Word Records]

Pete Beardsworth – To The Place [Unreleased]

Toto Chiavetta – Tenor [Yoruba Records]

Toto Chiavetta Feat. Moby Ngom – Nagnu Jubo [Yoruba Records]

Alfio Antico – Anima [Origine, Rec.]

Alfio Antico – Ma Guarda Guarda [RAI Trade]

Mystica Tribe – Love Is All Right [Solar Phenomena]

Natureboy Flako – Echoes Of Time [IZWID]

Sofa Talk – Balancing Acts (Prequel’s Reimagining) [Omena]

Dengue Dengue Dengue – Eye Acucho Feat. Mikongo [On The Corner]

Auntie Flo – Nobody Said It Would Be Easy [Brownswood Recordings]

Auntie Flo – Mother Theresa [Brownswood Recordings]

Roberto Fonseca – Bibisa (Remix) [Jazz Village]

Juan Blanco – Espacios 2 [Areito]

Juan Blanco – Electrodanza [Unknown]

Jesse Rae – Deil’s Awa Wi Excisemen [Echo Beach]

Talking Drums – Courage [Dark Entries Records]

Blay Ambolay – Simi Rapp [Multi Culti]

Marcus Worgull – Listen To Charanjit [Innervisions]

Green Ink – Human Catapaults [Highlife]

Jantronix Schulte – Lawa [Doom Chakra Tapes Worldwide]

Panchasila – Patpong [Sucata Tapes]

Panchasila – Dalang [Sucata Tapes]

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