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It’s sunrise at the after party, the world is channelling into you – connected and unspoken. From the Empathy System. Mother A.I. Radio. Air Texture creator James Healy warms up with deep bliss and edits from the elusive Big Sur producer Hidden Dancer. This is followed by a special set from Kompakt’s Thore Pfeiffer. Pop Ambient 21 Years Mix includes 21 tracks from 21 Pop Ambient releases in chronological order.

Listen now Tracklist

CiM – Shift (Delsin)

Raime – Am I Using Content Or Is Content Using Me (Different Circles) (Hidden Dancer Edit)

Alex Isley & Masego & Jack Dine – Good & Plenty (Isley & Dine Records)

Sivey – Secret Circuit (Co-Operation Recordings)

Mpho Sebina – Dumelang (Shakti Soul) (Hidden Dancer Edit)

Hefner – An Evening with Hefner Part 3 (Inertia Records)

CiM – Geosat Fill (deFocus) (Hidden Dancer Edit)

Dave Brubeck – Band Banter from the 1959 Recording Sessions (Brubeck Editions)

o1o – Speak That Speak ft. EPS1 (Deepblak)

Barker – Filter Bubbles (Ostgut Ton)

Thore Pfeiffer’s 21 Years Kompakt Pop Ambient Mix

Markus Guentner – Regensburg / Pop Ambient 2001 (Kompakt)

www.jz-arkh.co.uk – Ddrhodes / Pop Ambient 2002 (Kompakt)

Leandro Fresco – Buenos Amigos / Pop Ambient 2003 (Kompakt)

Klimek – Standing On The Beach (Gun In My Hand Mix) / Pop Ambient 2004 (Kompakt) Thomas Fehlmann – With Oil / Pop Ambient 2005 (Kompakt)

Dirk Leyers – Come To Where I Go / Pop Ambient 2006 (Kompakt)

Triola – Das Wunder Der Kulperhütte / Pop Ambient 2007 (Kompakt)

DJ Koze – Nymphe Und Schäfer / Pop Ambient 2008 (Kompakt)

Andrew Thomas – A Dream Of A Spider / Pop Ambient 2009 (Kompakt)

Dettinger – Therefore / Pop Ambient 2010 (Kompakt)

Jürgen Paape – Ein Schöner Land / Pop Ambient 2011 (Kompakt)

Marsen Jules – Swans Reflecting Elephants / Pop Ambient 2012 (Kompakt)

Jens-Uwe Beyer – Deutz Air 2 / Pop Ambient 2013 (Kompakt)

Ulf Lohmann – PCC / Pop Ambient 2014 (Kompakt)

Bvdub – In White Pagodas, I‘ll Wait For You / Pop Ambient 2015 (Kompakt)

Dave DK – Veira (Leandro Fresco Mix) / Pop Ambient 2016 (Kompakt)

Anton Kubikov – Dekka / Pop Ambient 2017 (Kompakt)