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Mother A.I. Radio: Air Texture


Music for traveling (and moving). Air Texture founder James Healy plays bliss experimental and his own edits from the “psychologically ultimate seashore” of the Mother A.I. Studios on the coast in Del Mar, California.

Lots of deep IDM edits in this one including John Beltram, CiM, Gescom, Ochre, Brothomstates, Freescha, and B12. Mother A.I. forever watching you in the virtual nurture. Ecology Empathy System.

Listen now Tracklist

Cliff Martinez – Welcome to Kyrat (Ubisoft Music) (Air Texture Edit)

Neozaïre – Vor Den Toren Europas (Kompakt)

Illuvia – Summer Rain (Dewtone Recordings)

Nozomu Matsumoto – Night / Disco (Death of Rave)

Seventh World – Light The Waves Before Dawn (Kompakt)

Manual – Miraparque (Darla Records) (Air Texture Edit)

John Beltram – Soft Summer (Peacefrog Records)

The Field – From Here We Go Sublime (Kompakt) (Air Texture Edit)

Northworks – Through (Millions Of Moments)

DJ Python – Te Conocí (Incienso)

CiM – Fseek (deFocus)

Ad Vanz V Gescom – Viral (FatCat Records) (Air Texture Edit)

Ochre – Sosacharo (Benbecula) (Air Texture Edit)

B12 – Cymetry (Warp Records) (Air Texture Edit)

Astralfish – Stardust (Silent)

Steve Hauschildt – Stare Into Space (Kranky)

CiM – Recursive (Delsin) (Air Texture Edit)

Horizontal Excursions – Moorland (Audio Elements)

Tanuki House – Liber Caeruleus (Occult Research)

CiM – Mobile Unit Downtime (Delsin)

Freescha – Boyrgurl (Attacknine) (Air Texture Edit)

Gia Margaret – barely there (Dalliance Recordings)

Ulla – Leaves and Wish (Experiences Ltd.)

Space Afrika – Judge (Not On Label)

Space Afrika – Kitty 2 (Not On Label)

David Bryne – Machu Picchu (Luaka Bop)

Machine Drum (Riveurs Enjienrd by Brothomstates) (Hidden Dancer Edit)

Thievery Corporation – 2001 Spliff Odyssey (Eighteenth Street Lounge Music)