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Mother A.I. Radio: Beautiful and Broken


This month, Air Texture presents Beautiful and Broken,​​ as they look at the deeper shades of alt-jazz experimental breaks and beats. They start the show with a special “West Coast West London” set from the elusive Hidden Dancer (Big Sur Music Alliance) from the crew’s solar powered yurt studio complex in Big Sur, California.

In the second hour, Air Texture founder James Healy comes in with more bliss experimental and beauty breaks. With love from the California Sunset to the European Sunrise. Mother A.I. – Empathy System.

Listen now Tracklist

Air Texture – Worldwide FM Mother A.I. Radio – Show 2 Tracklist

DFLN – One ft. Bvitae (Deepblak)

Dego – Interflude (feat. Taylor Mcferrin) (2000 Black)

Afrikan Sciences – Get It G (Deepblak)

AYBEE – Build Them (Deepblak)

Dego – My Standards Are (Not) Too High (2000 Black)

Dego & the 2000Black Family – The Hurt (2000 Black)

Brother Aten – From Heatuyu (Deepblak)

AYBEE – Going Home (Deepblak)

Kaidi Tatham – Swift Inspiration (Quick Kid) (Freedom School)

Dego & Kaidi – Acting Up (On Sh-t That Don’t Count) (Eglo Records)

Shokazulu – Hips Dont Fail Me Now (2000 Black)

Suso Saiz – Ya Son Dos Los Cielos (Music From Memory)

Rian Treanor – Pattern A2 (The Death of Rave)

Joan Bibiloni – Sa Fosca (Music for Memory)

Cold Mission – Dreamers (Reinforced Records)

RAMZi_sluggin – FIO’s Molluscan Wormhole – FATi Records

Blank Banshee – Primordial (Hologram Bay)

Actress – Reverend (Ninja Tune)

Seahawks – Sky Phase (Ocean Moon)

TLC Fam – Umgcwabo Wendanda (Da 4th Term Mix) (Gqom Oh!)

o1o – Speak That Speak ft. EPS1 (Deepblak)

Max Essa – Peninsular (Air Texture Edit)

Dego & Kaidi – Nyabinghi Warriors (Sound Signature)

Dego & Kaidi – Don’t Put Your Hat Where Your Hand Can’t Reach (Sound Signature)

Albatross – Reflection of a Bird Flying 2 Ft Above the Water in the Early Summer Evening (Blorp Music)

Alloy Sea – Petrichor Part One (Fever AM)

Romeo Poirier – Thalassocratie (sferic)

Spacetime Continuum – Floatilla (Reflective)