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Rush Hour boss Antal presents a two hour show on Worldwide FM now. One of the leading figures of the dance music scene guides you through the clubs and bars of 90s/00s Amsterdam.

Tune in as he presents a mix back of all things house, electronic, soul, jazz, Brazilian including new bits, recent reissues and some older bits.

Listen now Tracklist

1. Joe Claussell “Sun The Moon Our Souls” (Cosmic Ritual Version)
2. Build An Ark “Healing Song”
3. Patience Africa “Isilingo Sendoda” (edit)
4. Tchai & The Merger “Every Man”
5. Jay Richford & Gary Stevan “Running Fast”
6. Dimitris Papadimitrou & Dimitris Lekkas “Rock Star Fantasy II”
7. Lemos Debetio “Morro Do Barraco Sem Aqua”
8. Piry Reis “Cisplatina”
9. Rodrigo Campos feat. Criolo “Ribeirão”
10. Tom Brock “There Is Nothing In This World”
11. Winston Neale “Sinnerman” (edit)
12. Spaza “Sizwile”
13. Franck Biyong “Kitty Village”
14. Yu Su “Touch Me Not”
15. Afrikan Sciences “The New Dun Language”
16. Coflo “Lux” (Kaidi Tatham remix)
17. Souldynamic feat. Rich Medina “Addiction” (Mike Huckaby remix)
18. The Abstract Eye “Back In Balance”
19. Lars Bartkuhn “Melancholia”
20. Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra “As I Walk”
21. Thembelihle Dunjana “Pressin’ On”
22. Soichi Terada “Silent Codes”
23. Gratien Midonet “Osona” (Kuniyuki remix)
24. Mother Tongue “Message Is Love”