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Rush Hour boss Antal presents a two hour show on Worldwide FM now. One of the leading figures of the dance music scene guides you through the clubs and bars of 90s/00s Amsterdam.

On the second show of 2021, Antal is presenting mainly new releases, upcoming material and re-pressings from unearthed jams!

Listen now Tracklist

1. Patrick Gibin & Kaidi Tatham feat. Josh Milan “Love To The World” (Theo Parrish remix)

2. Cody Currie “When The Time Is Right”

3. Sivey “Secret Circuit”

4. Kush Jones “UUU”

5. Electric Jalaba “Fulan”

6. Nahawa Doumbia “Didadi”

7. Movement In The City “Camel Walk”

8. Marcos Resende & Index “Nergal”

9. Bridge “He Say, She Say Game”

10. Captain Mosez “Hey Hey Hey”

11. Athena “Blame It On Love” (Elado edit)

12. Paradox “Proceed”

13. NAD “Transmatting”

14. Jordan GCZ “Wild Bounce”

15. Kennedy “unreleased”

16. Mucho Plus “Love Misunderstood”

17. Delly Rollies “Licik”

18. Ivo’s Group “That Shocking Shaking Day”

19. Ashaye “Dreaming”