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WW Stockholm: Mount Liberation Unlimited with Tooli & Marlena Lampinen


For the second episode of WW Stockholm hosts Tom and Niklas, AKA Mount Liberation Unlimited, dig deeper into the deep forests of Scandinavian music. With guests Tooli (Tobias Lidström) from Local Talk and Marlena Lampinen (one of their favourite DJs) they take you through Swejazz, Norwegian soul, Nordic chill and the latest Scando-dance hits.

Tooli (Omena/Local Talk)

Tobias Lidström (Tooli) is a long-time musician, DJ, record collector and label owner based in Stockholm. He is one of the more important faces in the Swedish dance music scene moving between house, jazz, hip hop and soul, whether it’s as label owner for his own imprint Omena or Local Talk that he co-runs with Mad Mats.

Marlena Lampinen

Marlena Lampinen has been running the Moloton cassette label since 2017. You can expect her eclectic DJ sets to include Japanese off-beat disco cassettes, YouTube rips or the latest Swedish noise-trap outfit.

Listen now Tracklist

Ralph Lundsten & Leo Nilson – Lyxkomusik [His Master’s Voice] // Sweden
Aina Myrstener – Sista Avgång [Flora Fauna] // Sweden
The Stoner – Guldfisk Trilogin [Apart] // Sweden
Mikael Augustsson – Hotel Safsaf [BullCatRecords] // Sweden
Född Död – I Minnen Fri [Northerns Electronics] //Sweden
Tonto – Book of Love [Unreleased] // Sweden
Isorinne – Porcelain Embroidery [Northern electronics] // Sweden
Belle & Linda Oláh – Serenity [Hoob] // Sweden
Melvyn Price – Pontiac [Meldor] // Sweden
Sevda – Tamzara [Caprice] // Sweden
Nils Berg CinemaScope – Laddi Tells The Truth [Hoob] // Sweden
Unknown – Unknown
Daniel Bingert – Organexpressen [Fathers of Five] // Sweden
Egba – Bland Tomtar Och Kontroller [Sonet] // Sweden
Vildkaktus – Limu Limu Lima [Polydor] // Sweden
Karin Krog – Meaning Of Love [Meantime] // Sweden
Bengt Palmers – Sambaolek [EMI] // Sweden
Andreas Tilliander – She Don’t Cry [Repeatle] // Sweden
The Persuader – Mosebacke [Svek]
Naphta – Striker Eureka (Tooli Remix) [Omena] // Sweden
Saine – For The Dreamers [Forthcoming Omena] // Finland
Henry Rodick – Daybreak [Omena] // UK
Golden Retriever – Neoturf [Forthcoming Omena] // US
Crackazat – Proton Blue [Unreleased] // UK
Tooli – E 14th Avenue B [Unreleased] // Sweden
1991 – No More Dreams [No More Dreams] // Sweden
Anna – Like They Do In The Movies [RCA] // Sweden
Yumi Murata – Face to Face [Eastworld] // Japan
Lewisite – Time Traveller [Cragale] // Japan
Kati Kovacs [Pepita] // Hungary
Argo – Discophonia [Мелодия] // USSR
Alan Shearer – Only for One Girl [PSI] // France
Siegmar Fricke – Play by Play [Anachronismus] // Germany
Moon B – Live in Cali [Peoples Potential Unlimited] // US
Dip In The Pool – On Retinae [Music From Memory] // Netherlands
Rolf Trostel – Der Prophet [Uniton Records] // Norway
Michael Turtle – Spooky Boogie [Music From memory] // Netherlands
Gina X Performance – Kaddish [EMI Electronica] // Germany
Bagarre – Dirty Love [Sauvage Musique] // Italy
Twilight Ritual – Message [Auxilio De Cientos] // Spain
Öyvind Mörken – Imaginary Dancer [Moonlighting] // Norway
Fouk – See You On The Other Side (MLU crying cowboy dub) [Heist Recordings] // Netherlands
Nordelius & Ressle – Smoke Rings [Svek] // Sweden
Baba Stiltz – Can’t Help It [Studio Barnhus] // Sweden
Kendrick Lamar – Yah (*** Edit) [Unreleased]
Mount Liberation Unlimited – Happiness [Unreleased]