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WW Stockholm: Mount Liberation Unlimited with Alison Swing & Volcov


For the second episode of WW Stockholm hosts Tom and Niklas, AKA Mount Liberation Unlimited, dig deep into the deep forests of Scandinavian music.

For the third episode of WW Stockholm Tom and Niklas take you to the spirit of their recent daytime party in Stockholm. Guests Alison Swing from LA and Volcov from Italy share excerpts from their sunny sets recorded during the party. Mixed in are leisure café chats between MLU and Alison where you’ll find out why she has beef with Diplo and how the underground clubs differ between LA and Stockholm.

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Botkyrka Big Band – The Third Street Swinger [A Disc] // Sweden
Sivuca med Putte Wickmans Orkester – C’er E’ Mar [Interdisc] // Sweden
Pat Metheny – First Circle [ECM Records] // US
Bo Hansson – De grå hamnarna (Silence) // Sweden
Villalog – Odessa [Para Recordings] // Austria
DJ Harvey – Love Is Everything [Black Cock Records] // UK
Dungen – Solen Stiger Upp [Subliminal sounds] // Sweden
Peps Persson – Maliendo Café [Sonet] // Sweden
Mc Kinky – Get over it [More protein] // UK
Deep Forest – Sweet Lullaby [Epic Dance] // US
A:son & Falk – Krafter [Air] // Sweden
Fullständiga rättigheter [Chalice] // Germany
Unknown – Unknown
Per Tjernberg – They Call Me [Rub-a-dub records] Sweden
Pedrodollar – Theme Song [Studio Barnhus] Sweden
Youla et Ses Rytmes – Weka [Barclay]
Ahmadu Jarr – Bassi [Odeon] // Sweden
Björn J:son Lindh – Kullens Fyr [Metronome] // Sweden
Bill Laswell – Song – [EM] // Sweden
Alan Stivell – Trinquons Nos Verres [Keltia III] // Sweden
Lill Lindfors – Det Är Då) Jag Känner Jag Vill Va’ Hos Dej [Metronome] 1975 // Sweden
Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra – Vendetta [Al Kent Dub Mix] – Far out Recordings // UK
Db Cooper – So Sky We Skate [Surfs Up] // UK
Roosevelt – Sea (Young Marco Remix) [Greco-Roman] // UK
Jad & The – Gospel Five [Axe on Wax] -// UK
Pontchartrain – Rock Your Baby [Rocksteady Disco] // US
Iz & Did – Love Me Right [Classic]
Johannes Albert – Dancefloors and You [Fine] // Germany
Chrissy – Bi-Coastal (Paul Johnson Remix) [Cool Ranch] // US
Vinyl Addicted & Jean Claude Gavri – NYM – [Whiskey Disco] // US
Perdu – I Need Some Money [AM] // Netherlands
Daisuke Kondo – Everybody – [Bosconi Extra Virgin] // Italy
Roman Rauch – Alright Alright [Life is for Living] // France
Francis Inferno Orchestra – Horizon Beat [Sccucci Manucci] // AUS
Tee Mango – This is Where I’ll Stay (With U) [Aus Music] // UK
Eddie Danielli – Hello There [Sampling Moods Records] // Italy
DJ Dove – Illusions – [Deep Groove Records] // US
The Posse – Season’s Greetings [Ken Oath Records] // Australia
Black Caviar – Hot Shot [North Harbour Grooves] // Russia
Dan Shake – Magic Marcel [Lumberjacks in Hell] // Netherlands
UnKnown – DMIFS [Schenkelspreizer] // Germany
Loud-E – Here’s Jonny [AM Holland] // Netherlands
Francis Bebey – The Coffee Cola Song (Young Marco Remix) [Safe Trip] // Netherlands
The Central Executives – Loveray 79 (Leo Das & Fabrice Mix) [Golf Channel ] // US
House Mannequin – URL [House Mannequin] // Germany
Tkumah Sadeek – Till I See the Light [Future Visions Records] // US
Ron Trent – The Storyteller [Future Vision Records] // US
The Lower East Side Pipes – Disorganized Corruption [Sacred Rhythm Music] // US
Unknown – Unreleased
Unknown – Unreleased
Loni Clark – Searchin [Groove On] // US