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WW New Orleans: Brice Nice


Worldwide FM New Orleans brings you the melody and rhythms of the crescent city. A place where enslaved Africans joined with the Indigineous first people to resist and to create music and culture that continues to resonate throughout the world. Every show is anchored by an hour each from Brice Nice and Soul Sister followed by special guest selectors each month.

Happy Carnival wherever you are and however you are celebrating! This year, Worldwide FM New Orleans brings you the sounds of Mardi Gras direct to you. Hopefully you are taking precautions to be safe, outside masked up, or even better staying inside this year. In New Orleans all parades are cancelled, all bars will be shut from Friday until Wednesday and people are discouraged from gathering in the streets. Grab a drink, put on whatever carnival outfit suits you from your newest cleanest fit to the most outlandish costume you can think of, turn up your sound system and follow us on a celebration in these New Orleans streets! My mix features some of my favourites, from disco, Mardi Gras Indian music (also known as Black Masking Indians), 90s bounce, and brass bands.