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WW Melbourne: Allysha Joy with Tiana Khasi


We continue our Australia rotations with WW Melbourne. Allysha Joy will be bringing you Australian delicacies for two hours.

On this month’s show, Allysha is joined by Brisbane-born, Melbourne-based future soul artist Tiana Khasi.

Listen now Tracklist

Setwun – Steamdown
Finn Irregular – Summer Rains
Baro Sura – Whats Wrong (ft. Remi, Silent Jay)
Jay Cooper, Selasie, Maina Doe – See Me
Pookie – Tuesday (ft. Baasto)
Komang – Dewi
Tiana Khasi – Meghalaya
30/70 – Impermanence (Close Counters)
Andrew Ashong and Kaidi Tatham – Washed in You

Tiana Khasi – The Bitterness Flip (Choice Vaughn Remix)
Tiana Khasi – Nuketown (Benny Salvador Remix)
Tiana Khasi – Whole Lotta Shone (Sampology Remix)
Tiana Khasi – They Call Me (Best Foot Forward Remix)
Tiana Khasi – Bitterness (Street Rat Remix)
Tiana Khasi – Georgia’s┬áTrack (So. Crates Remix)
Tiana Khasi – Meghalaya (Horatio Luna Mix)

Gordon Koang – Mai Mi Goa
Surprise┬áChef – Deadlines
Gimme Gimme – Fight Dirty
Snooch Dodd and the Proteens – I Flip my Life Every Time I Fly
Taylor Crawford – Blue Sky
Laik – Big Rainstorm
Wise Guy, Semantic One – Inside ft. Cinta and KdotMelody
Horatio Luna – Fuck the System
Baker Boy ft. Dallas Woods & Sampa the Great – Better Days

Noya Rao – Heaven Bound
Mildlife – Memory Palace