WW Melbourne: Allysha Joy with Kurt Paradise ‐ Worldwide FM

WW Melbourne: Allysha Joy with Kurt Paradise


We continue our Australia rotations with WW Melbourne. Allysha Joy will be bringing you Australian delicacies for two hours.

La Sape Records special, featuring a guest mix from boss Kurt Paradise, as well as new music from GODTET and Horatio Luna’s, The Psychedelic Freaks!

Listen now Tracklist

Dancing Water — WHITE NOISE

IZY — Frantic

Karate Boogaloo — Bumpy’s Lament

GL — You Read My Mind

Dudley Watt’s – New Day ft. Kaye

Man Made Mountain — The Truth ft Sampa the Great

Jacob Aedam – Dead Man’s Hand ft. Buddy Ryan

GLO — Transmute

Komang — Flex

* INTERVIEW : Kurt Paradise, La Sape *


GODTET — Cactus Dance

Olive Knight — Purrku Purrku

Kev Carmody — Thou Shalt Not Steal

Family Jordan — Stillness

GODTET — Love Story

Astral Flex — I Can See My House From Here

JK Group — What’s Real

The Psychedelic Freaks — To The Funk Valley

High Pass Filter — Skint (Confused Machines Mix)

Phil Stroud — Kwinana Fwy


Z.F.E.X + Wayne Snow — Something Special

Prequel — And That’s the Story of Their Love