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WW Daily: Tina Edwards // 03-10-18


Our Daily show, hosted by Tina Edwards on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and Thris Tian on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

In one hour, catch up with the latest sessions, music, news and guests in our flagship WW Daily show.

Wallace – Pantone Home
Chixldn – Jupiter Jawn
Freva – Nova Flexin (Feat. Kei-li x D Hart)
Brahmulus – Chantell
Gyedu Blay – Ambolley Toffie
Yazz Ahmed – The Lost Pearl (Hector Plimmer Remix)
Mac Miller – Buttons
Allysha Joy – Know Your Power
Fatima – Caught in a Lie
The Goods – Make Your Move
De Beren Gieren – Oude Beren
Mildlife – Phase II [Research Records]
Camilla George – Tappin The Land Turtle [Ubuntu Music]
The Sylvers – Fool’s Paradise [Pride]
Moses Boyd – Rush Hour/Elegua (Feat. Kevin Haynes Grupo Eleggua) [Exodus Records]
TEYMORI – Patience [Spinnup]

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