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WW Brooklyn NYC: Photay


Photay, DJ/Producer based in Brooklyn and the host of WW Brooklyn, looks back on 2018 and plays music by his friends based in Brooklyn, Manhattan and upstate New York.

Listen now Tracklist

Michael Beharie – Bye Bye 275 [unreleased]
Arp – Nzuku [Mexican Summer]
Ari Finkel – Late Frame [Unrelased]
Marble – Burning [Self-Released]
Sam O.B. – Addictive [Astro Nautico]
Tristian Arp – Pipeline [Human Pitch]
Penya – Chamb Bomb (Photay Remix) [On The Corner Record]
Ace Mo – Get It From The Sound [Vanity Press]
Kallie Lampel – Resolution [Self-Released]
Clebs – I’m Here [JASS]
Annika Zee – Lydia [Self-Released]
Ensemble Entendu – Azalea Chuva [Forthcoming]
Maria Usbeck – Bosque De Bambú [Cascine]
Kallie Lampel – Wallpaper [Self-Releaed]
Sam O.B. – Balance (Photay Equilibrium Dub Remix) [LuckyMe]
Juan Luis Guerra – Vale Le Pena (Toribio Edit)
Ensemble Entendu – Time Is Certainly Passing [Astro Nautico]