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WW Brooklyn: Photay with Sam O.B., Yaeji, Barbie Bertisch & Paul Raffael


The Woodstock, NY born electronic producer and composer Photay counts Aphex Twin and the music of Guinea, West Africa as key influences and has become known for his gritty electronic style. He presents an exploration of Brooklyn’s signature sound and the scene’s most exciting players.

Sam O.B.
For about a decade, Sam Obey has been producing, recording, and co-running the Astro Nautico label. FKA Obey City, Sam’s latest project is a full band ranging from disco, smooth jazz to r&b and beyond. His debut record as Sam O.B. is out August 11th on Lucky Me Records.


Hailing originally from Seoul, 23 year old producer and vocalist Yaeji has quickly established herself in Brooklyn with grounded house music mixed with gentle but confident spoken word.

Barbie Bertisch & Paul Raffaele
Between Love Injection magazine, The Lot Radio every saturday, Most Excellent Record Label & Classic Album Sundays, Barbie & Paul keep NY educated and communicating about it’s musical past, present, and future. They are currently some of NY’s most activate DJs and curators.



Listen now Tracklist

L’Rain – Heavy (But Not in Wait) [Astro Nautico] // USA
IGBO – Entrance Theme [Astro Nautico] // USA
Photay – Inharmonious Slog [Astro Nautico] // USA
Dil Withers – Irmão [Grand Garden] // USA
Quincy Vidal – Feelin’ Like [Styles Upon Styles] // USA
Space People – DX7 of Love [Styles Upon Styles // USA
Jon Bap – Queen Chimera Pt.1 [White Label] // USA
Space People – Tele(vision) [Styles Upon Styles] // USA
Raya Brass Band – Locks and Latches [White Label] // USA
Ava Luna – Hold U [Western Vinyl] // USA
Tony Seltzer – Carlos Loop 4 [Unreleased] // USA
Tony Seltzer – Afterlife [Unreleased] // USA
Tony Seltzer – Carlos Loop 1 [Unreleased] // USA
Poetic Thrust – Bounce [White Label] // USA
Michael Beharie feat. SARO – Reasons [Astro Nautico] // USA (Vocalist from Nigeria)
AceMo – Chachi [Unreleased] // USA
Danny Krivit – 123 (Edit By Mr K of Walter Gibbons 7” Acetate) [Most Excellent Unltd.] // USA
AceMo – All My Life [Unreleased] // USA
Lord RAJA – O.K. [Ghostly International] // USA
jitwam. – WhereYouGonnaGo [The Jazz Diaries] // India
Photay – Eco Friend [Astro Nautico] // USA
Emilie Weibel – oMoO [White Label] // Switzerland
Dali Vision – Inanimate [JASS] // USA
Color Plus & V – Tree [Unreleased] // USA
Phil Moffa – Alma Del Mundo (Blast Mix) [Most Excellent Unltd.] // USA
Jon Bap – Born Into This [Astro Nautico] // USA
Ensemble Entendu – Peel Back [Astro Nautico] // USA

Interview with Sam O.B.

Sam O.B. – Samurai [LuckyMe] // USA
Sam O.B. – 237am [LuckyMe] // USA
Ensemble Entendu – Pull Da Plug [Astro Nautico] // USA
The I Rise Project – I Rise [Astro Nautico] // USA
Yaeji – Last Breath [Unreleased] // South Korea

Interview with Yaeji

Yaeji – New York 93 [Godmode] // South Korea
Time Wharp – 2 Works [JASS] // USA
Michael Beharie – Drugs Store [Astro Nautico] // USA
Nick Hakim – Green Twins [ATO] // USA
Elisa – Awake [White Label] // USA
Gabriel Garzón-Montano – Trial [Stones Throw] // USA
Gabriel Garzón-Montano – The Game [Stones Throw] // USA
Sell Ya Crews My master – Toribio [Unreleased] // USA
Color Plus – Netcika Pattern #1 [Bootleg Tapes] // USA
Dave Everyseason & Sam O.B. feat. Ceeverything – Home [Hands INTL] // USA
Mood Tattooed – Maasai Trail [White Label] // USA
Photay – The Everyday Push [Astro Nautico] // USA
Love Unlimited Orchestra – My Sweet Summer Suite (Edit By Mr K) [Most Excellent Unltd.] // USA

Interview with Paul Raffaele & Barbie Bertisch

Keita Sano – Chango [Most Excellent Unltd.] // Japan
Danny Krivit – Street Life (Mr. K. Breakdown Edit) [Most Excellent Unltd.] // USA
Time Wharp – Halpern [Astro Nautico]
Tortilla Pass – When Sun Is Here [White Label] // USA
Dali Vision – Blue Hell [JASS] // USA
Kallie Lampel – Celadon [Unreleased] // USA
Kallie Lampel – In Your Dreams [White Label] // USA
Ava Luna – Prpl [Western Vinyl] // USA
Photay – Aura [Astro Nautico] // USA
Yonsei – Oh, One More Thing … [Unreleased] // USA
Madison Mcferrin – Learn Your Lesson [White Label] // USA
Photay feat. Madison Mcferrin – Outré Lux [Astro Nautico] // USA
Photay – Under Soil feat. Jaedon Alvira, Nathaniel Ranson, Stu Pender [Unreleased] // USA
Photay – Illusion of Seclusion (Live Ensemble) [Unreleased] // USA