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Tereza with Driss Bennis & Habibi Funk


DJ, radio host and curator Tereza is live from Berlin for a two hour show. Join her for a tour across the musical spectrum, from disco and house, via broken beat and UK classics to soulful footwork and everything in between. 

At first glance Tereza’s guests of this month’s episode don’t have much in common. There is OCB aka Driss Bennis, producer and label boss of casa voyager, who explores all kinds of different genres within the electronic music world as long as it’s bass heavy; and there is legendary selector Jannis Stürtz aka Habibi Funk who is best known for his own reissue label of the same name which focuses on “organic sounds they like” from North Africa and the Middle East including Sudanese jazz, Algerian soundtrack music, Tunisian disco or Arabic funk.

The linking element or more precisely the linking place is Casablanca. Driss Bennis’ label casa voyager is based here and also the journey of Habibi Funk started in Casablanca a few years ago when he found an old stack of records behind broken TVs in a shop that looked like it was recycling old electronic goods.

Tune in for this two hour journey full of new exciting music and watch Tereza build that bridge from OCB’s top 3 songs that inspire his own work to Habibi Funk’s favourite last song in a set.

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