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Tereza with MoMa Ready and Benji B


DJ, radio host and curator Tereza is live from Berlin for a two hour show. Join her for a tour across the musical spectrum, from disco and house, via broken beat and UK classics to soulful footwork and everything in between. 

This month’s episode sees exciting guest contributions: Tereza is joined by promising New York based DJ, producer, HAUS of ALTR-label owner, visual artist and overall creative mastermind MoMA Ready who – besides fellow producer Acemo – stands like no other for this new generation of young, black dance music producers that currently bring new energy and drive to the big Apple. MoMa Ready will talk about his two passions that are skateboarding and music, as well as how he met Acemo and why it is important to “make techno black again”.

Last but definitely NOT least – one of Tereza’s favorite radio voices shares his favorite ‘last song in a set’: the legend that is Benji B! (Spoiler alert: you don’t want to miss that Deviation exclusive!)

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