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Strut Records with Quinton Scott & Duncan Brooker


Quinton Scott is the head of Strut Records, who specialise in melodies of African, Caribbean and Latin music rarities, jazz, disco, post-punk descent and more.

The show features music ranging from World rarities; from jazz and soul to new exclusives, as well as an exclusive 30 minute archive African mix by regular Strut compiler Duncan Brooker who curated the ‘Nigeria 70’ and ‘Next Stop Soweto’ series.

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Listen now Tracklist

M.Rux – Danse Banboy Ft. Plime [Frente Bolivarista] // Germany
Kefaya – Indignados [Radio International Records] // UK
Zazou/Bikaye/CYI – Lamuka [Crammed Discs] // Germany
Jean-Claude Viadère – Maloya [Forthcoming Strut] // Réunion
EK’s Professional Band – Man Deytire [Unknown] // Ghana
Joe King Kologbo – Sugar Daddy [Strut] // Nigeria
Unknown – La Mizik (Sforito Edit) [Unreleased] // Unknown
Anthony Brown – I Guess You Didnt Know [Water Lily] // Jamaica
Don Cunningham Quartet – Tabu [Ubiquity] // US
Leny Andrade – Olhando o Mar [Odeon] // Brazil
Ndombe Opetum – A Dieulavy [Ngoyarto] // Congo
Mulatu Astatke – Mulatu (Mono Mix) [Forthcoming Strut] // Ethiopia
Polyversal Souls w/Alemayehu Eshete – Untitled [Forthcoming Philaphon] // Ethiopia
JKT Tarrab – Nahodha [Unreleased] // UK
Jaojoby – Taratasy Maitso [Sofrito] // Madagascar
Jeannot Rabeson – Jazz Sega [Unknown] // Reunion
Daniel Sandie – Défoule 3e Age [Forthcoming Strut] // Reunion