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Spoken Word Special: General Rubbish


Spoken Word Special: General Rubbish // 29-06-17

Robert Gallagher AKA Earl Zinger AKA William Adamson AKA ThE DiAboLIcaL LibERTieS AKA General Rubbish creates 2 hours of magic with poetry and ambient.

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Jon Hassell – Delta Rain Dream [One p] // US
R. Gallagher – Warehouse Off The Euston Road [Poem]
Jorge Reyes – Plight [Staalplaat] // Mexico
R. Gallagher – Bar Rumba in Dub [Poem]
O Yuki Conjugate – Cloud Cover [Self Release] // UK
R. Gallagher – Sound Grows To A Speck
Jon Hassell – Rain [Polydor] // US
R. Gallagher – Driving in the Sea of Information [Poem]
Shinichi Atobe – Waste Land 2 [DDS] // Japan
R. Gallagher – Kick Drum Moon
Sun Araw – Thoughts Are Bells [Not Not Fun Records] // US
R. Gallagher – Caister
Larry Chernicoff – Woodstock New York [Muse Art Records] // Unknown
Andrew Pekler – Audio Liner Notes [Unknown] // Unknown
R. Gallagher – Learning to Dance
Iona Fortune – Bi [Optimo Music] // UK
R. Gallagher – Mala
Lo Kindre – Torment of One [Optimo Music] // Unknown
R. Gallagher – An Unlicensed Cosmos At The Edge of the Known Universe 7am
Raime – Your Cast Will Tire [The Blackest Ever Black] // UK
R. Gallagher – Bumbles Wood Green 1981
Rapoon – The Same River Once [Staalplaat] // UK
Mica Levi – Love [Unknown] // UK
Andrew Pekler – Mirror Structures [Faitiche] // Unknown
R. Gallagher – The Gigantic Silver Worms of Manhattan
Tom Waits – New York Mood [Island Records] // US
R. Gallagher – King Kruel and William Blakes Angels
Brian Eno – Dunwich Beach [EG] // UK
Brian Eno and Jon Hassell – Chemistry [EG] // UK
R. Gallagher – The Battle of Trafalgar
Charlie Mariano, Eberhard Weber – Seriously Deep [ECM Records] // Germany
R. Gallagher – Steve, Everton and Paul from Custom House
Nana – Vasconcelos – Zumbi [Unknown] // Unknown