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Picó: Edna Martinez with Monosoniko and Arn4L2


Tune in for a two hour show from Colombian Caribbean artist and DJ Edna Martinez. Picó with Edna Martinez attempts to be an insight into picó culture by showcasing traditional music played and promoted through the picós, having local DJ/selectors as guests, and presenting interviews with urban legends and more. Once a month we will be able to witness the sonic and rhythmic diversity of the picós in their daily life at the Caribbean.

On the 5th episode of Picó, Edna is joined by Monosoniko (Barranquilla) and Arn4L2 (Cartagena) for guest mixes. Monosoniko describes himself as “vacilador musical”, a picó spirit man who spreads flavour everywhere. His musical selection this time is a mix of classic Antillean rhythms, African percussion and latin grooves representation of that street party also known as verbena.

Arn4l2 grew up in Cartagena de Indias, port city where also “Champeta Criolla” originated, part of a musical genre, dance and culture. He presents a mixtape with focus on the first champeta produccion in this city between late 80s and early 90s.

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Mahotella Queens_Auntule CanCane
Bere bote_Cardinaal Rex Lawson
Missiu Muesadne_ Ti Celeste
Igbo Laiye_Dele Oyo and his start brothers
Regando flores_Grupo Son san
Rossignols Noirs-Kaloj Kok
Fidjos de Africa_Cretcheu
De que te sirve querer_Malacates Trébol
Alza el vuelo_El Encanto
El Pirata_ Rafael Chavez
La Segueta_ Rafael Chavez
El Veneno_Hernán Hernández y Chawala
El Salpicón_Hernán Hernández
La Quincerañera_Chawala (adaptación de Candle Pandla_Amalia Kids)
El Palapa_Herná Hernandez
La Inagrata_Rafael Chavez
Las Callejeras_Rafael Chavez
Pepito en los Manglares_Melchor el Cruel
El Mal Hijo_Luis Towers
El Ratero Salao_El Melchor
El Oso Peluo_ Luis Towers
El Bicarbonato_Charles King
La Viuda de Pescao_Nando Hernandez