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Picó with Edna Martinez


Tune in for a two hour show from Colombian Caribbean artist and DJ Edna Martinez. Picó with Edna Martinez attempts to be an insight into picó culture by showcasing traditional music played and promoted through the picós, having local DJ/selectors as guests, and presenting interviews with urban legends and more. Once a month we will be able to witness the sonic and rhythmic diversity of the picós in their daily life at the Caribbean.

In the 4th episode of Picó, Carlos Mario Mojica, also known as Don Alirio is a vinyl collector, curator and musical investigator joins Edna Martinez and share memories, ideas and stories about the soundsystem picó culture. There is also a vinyl mix provided by Edna.

Listen now Tracklist

Gueghinha; Africa Negra

Pidiéndole a un pobre, German rosario

Magadinha, Pedro Lima

Anavdhou, Afous

La divinite, La Perfecta

Take Cover, Jairos Jiri Sunrise Kwela Band

Soy getsemanicense, Sonora dinamita

Guajira con Tumbao, Orquesta Aragón

The Lebron Brothers, Suena

Azo N´kpon, Gonnas Pedro

Descarga Popurri, Lou Perez

Un viejo enamorado, Chuito El De Bayamón

La Divinité, La Perfecta

Memorias de La Martine, Os Kiezos

El Pájaro Guacabo, Toño Fernandez