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Circular Sounds with Hector Plimmer


Hector Plimmer embarks on a two hour genre hopping journey, exploring the connections between music old and new.

This month’s show features new music from Surprise Chef, Caixa Cubo, Shatter Hands, Felix De Luca & much, much more.


Listen now Tracklist

Gerry Weil – Little Man
Felix De Luca & Shatterhands – Verner Panton ( feat. Nanna.B)
Paragons – Guiet Place
Thor De Force – 62 Avenue C
– Waiting on the water platform –
Nailah Hunter – Bassin Bleu
Charles Webster – Burning (feat. Sio)
EVA808 – Lean Back
Machinedrum – Star (feat. Mono_Poly & Tanerélle
Kelpe – All the Way Round
Madlib – Road of the Lonely Ones
– Tate Britain Lobby –
Raiza Biza – Around the Way
Lionmilk – Hints
Chris Bowden – Extra Vehicular Activity
Caixa Cubo – Elvin Delange
Guohan – Sundown
Kareem Ali – Keep Pushing
Actress – Remembrance (feat. Zsela)
Guohan – Scent Of Stress
Fatback Band – Goin’ to See My Baby
Red Snapper – Truth 1 (Hector Plimmer Remix)
– Helicopter over the Thames –
Machinedrum – Idea 36 (feat. Chrome Sparks)
Surprise Chef – Daylight Savings
Chris Bowden – Angel Falls
Matthew Tavares & Leland Whitty – 10,000 Roses
Caixa Cubo – Exíllio
– Windy –
Emanative & Liz Elensky – Tea Leaf Dancers feat. Vince Vella
Ego Ella May – Give A Little
Lionmilk – Insomniac
Surprise Chef – College Welcome
Guohan – Midnight Stroke
Jay Daniel – Paradise Valley
Quart – Thinking of You (James L’Esrauge Orchestra Remix)